Monday, 28 August 2017

The ideal age for children to visit the dentist

Now, you probably aren’t totally thinking about your kid the second it comes out, and instead you’re working through the hurdles of being a new parent. But, it’s actually very important that this responsibility is put there. While general healthcare is the main focus, you should also consider the dental care of your child as well. You might be wondering when you should see the dentist for the first time. In truth, it’s a lot earlier than you might believe, it’s actually supposed to be before their first birthday.

Why is that? Well, it might seem super weird to you to bring your child to the dentist at such an early age, but the visits are actually super important, since it will help not only to prevent the cavities that might come about in the future, but also to help become aware of any behaviors and habits that could affect the facial development in a child.

Now, one of the big things to watch out for is actually sucking your thumb. This can actually change not only the mouth, but the teeth and the facial structure. That, coupled with the cavities that are mostly seen in young children due to a diet of sugar, it’s causing a lot of trouble for some children to have healthy mouths, and that is why the dentists encourage you to come in early.

There are also some risk factors that can come along with this as well. Your child’s mouth can show a lot about the child’s future, including allergies, problems in behavior, breathing problems, chronic stomach issues, any facial issues, leachates that might be there, issues with learning, bad posture, and even speech disorders. All of these are there, and they are present, you just need to talk to the dentist about this. This can all be ascertained at a very early age, and while cavities are important to prevent, there is so much more that needs to be prevented early on that you should totally do so.

Plus, this will instill a great behavioral habit at an early age. That, is the factor that your child should care a lot about their oral health. Now, as a parent, ensuring this will help the child feel better about taking care of their teeth. Most children groan at the idea of going the dentist, but if you show your child that it’s actually really good that they go, and that the dentist isn’t some big, scary thing, it actually can help you a whole lot, and it can even be seen as an adventure. You should talk to your child before the first visit, telling them what they’ll be doing. Obviously, don’t instill fear into them, because that’s going to make them nervous, and don’t explain it to them in complicated terms, but instead show them that the dentist isn’t anything to fear, and that they should go in.

You can even bring their favorite toy for them to hold while they’re in the chair. You can hold their hand, and give them praise. Obviously, the dentist isn’t that fun, but you have to do it, for it’ll get them on the right path to a healthier mouth.

The dentist will also work with you on this as well. If you are having trouble explaining to your child why it’s important to care about your oral health, have the dentist do it for you. The dentist will tell you as well about some of the helpful tips as well, such as various care factors, the importance of fluoride, and what to avoid in particular. They’re great with this, and they can definitely help you.

The Eugene Dentist isn’t some big, scary thing that should be avoided. Rather, it should be encouraged to g, for it will help with a child’s overall oral health. By working with the child, having them understand the importance of all of this, it’ll help them have a much better time getting the most out of their oral health. If you instill these habits into them early on, it will be something that they’ll take with themselves for a long time too. 

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